Ballhawk Index

Football is literally the name of the game, and the players who can get to the ball most effectively are often the most successful. We're keeping track of which Packers players are around the ball the most often with the Ballhawk Index, a sum of the times a player defends a pass, forces a fumble, or sacks the quarterback.

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Run Percentage

Yards per carry is a decent enough stat, but it's more useful to know how often a player is going to break a big carry or get stopped behind the line. Run Percentage goes beyond the box score to tell you exactly that.

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Total Pressures

While it's wonderful to get sacks, it's even better to make a quarterback's life miserable all the time. So why settle for stats that only give a partial look at how often a team is getting to the quarterback? Total Pressures measures hurries, knockdowns, and sacks for a better look at how impactful a particular player can be.

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