The ABC's of OTA's

The Packers started Organized Team Activities this week, or OTA's as they're popularly known. Since this is the first time since February we've seen anything resembling football, anyone who writes about the sport tends to breathlessly exclaim how "good" everybody looks. If you watch ESPN at all, you've probably heard how sharp Peyton Manning looks or how fast some receiver seems. You'd think it wouldn't be unusual for a professional athlete to look crisp and athletic when they run around a field in shorts and a t-shirt without anyone trying to stop them, but to hear the pundits talk it must be an incredible sight.

So with that in mind, I've put together a little OTA roundup for you. None of it is really essential information, but I think it's fun. Plus it rhymes, so that's cool. Without further ado, it's time to learn your OTABC's.

A is for Aaron, the Packers' QB. The stats he puts up spell out M-V-P.

B is for Brad, a Packer linebacker. The coaches hope he's a quarterback sacker.

C is for center. The Packers' is new. Jeff Saturday's been to the Super Bowl too.

D is for Driver, Dancing's new king. This fall he hopes to make touchdowns his thing.

E is for Evan, of the Dietrich-Smith type. At center and guard he lives up to the hype.

F is for Finley, Jermichael's his name. At 6'5" and 240, you know he's got game.

G is for Gurley, a young wide receiver. His training camp catches made Cheeseheads believers.

H is for Hargrove, a new Packer end. He definitely isn't a Roger G. friend.

I is for Iowa, where Bryan is from. He seems pretty smart for a Hawkeye alum.

J is for Jordy, a Kansas State great. Last year he caught touchdowns at quite a good rate.

K is for kicker. Our guy is called Mason. Field goals he is makin' and leads he's erasin'.

L is for Lambeau, the coach and the field. Homefield advantage makes visitors yield.

M is for Mike, the Green and Gold coach. He's made many fans with his passing approach.

N is for Newhouse, replacement for Clifton. Let's hope he made work of some offseason liftin'.

O is for offense. The Pack's is terrific. Their effort last season was oh-so-prolific.

P is for rookie first rounder Nick Perry. Teaming with Matthews will make him quite scary.

Q is for quandary. The Packers have one. Will this be the year they tell Driver he's done?

R is for rookies, of which there are plenty. The Packers right now employ well over twenty.

S is for Saine, a third stringer back. Can he help shore up the Pack's running attack?

T is for touchdowns, which Randall can score. Last year hescoredthree, and he's looking for more.

U is for upside, and Casey has lots. His skills will put offensive guys in tough spots.

V is for Vic. His surname's a doozy. He hits hard enough to make anyone woozy.

W is for Worthy, a rookie; a Sparty. His size makes him friends with Coach Mike McCarthy.

X is for x-ray, like the one Derek had after falling and busting his leg up real bad.

Y is for Youngstown. Brandain Ross went there. It's a school in Ohio, as I'm sure you're aware.

Z is for Zombo. Who else could go here? He's looking for snaps as the season draws near.