UPS-Related Pun

Preseason game number two is on tap for tomorrow, and I think we should start to get a better idea of how a few of the key Packers in 2012 are shaping up for this year. I don't know how much of the game I'll be able to watch, but I know there are a few things I'll be looking for.

(As for the title...they're playing the Browns. Get it? GET IT?!?!! Okay, moving on.)

First and foremost, I would definitely keep an eye on Alex Green if I was you. After last week's poor performance by James Starks and the subsequent revelation of a turf toe injury that could limit Starks for a few weeks, suddenly the running back position is up for grabs. With Cedric Benson still getting up to speed, you have to think Alex Green will be doing all he can to grab as much playing time as possible for himself. If he has a good night, Green could find himself edging towards the top of the depth chart.

Secondly, I want to see if Nick Perry reveals anything else from his pass rushing arsenal this week. Last Thursday, his pass rushing moves boiled down to essentially one thing: running as fast as he could directly into the offensive tackle and pushing him back into the quarterback's lap. It was effective, earning him a sack on the second defensive play of the game, but if he wants to get another one, he might have to do more than that. Look to see if the coaches have worked with him on a countermove at all this week, because if they did, I bet he's eager to try it out.

Thirdly, due to an injury to Davon House and Jarrett Bush being Jarrett Bush, it seems that Casey Heyward is suddenly at the top of the list to start across from Tramon Williams. Heyward had a couple nice plays against San Diego, and if he follows it up with another good night tonight, he may just become the starter based on merit rather than by default.

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