Three Awesome Things

I get sick of the news pretty often. Whether it's ridiculous political rhetoric or terrible stories from around the world, it's tiresome to constantly hear about how bad things are.

But fortunately, sports give us a little outlet to focus on things that are a little bit more lighthearted and a lot more fun. Here are a few noteworthy Packer-related awesome things that came to my attention recently.

Jarrett Boykin has giant hands. In addition to being one of the great feel-good stories of camp this year (cut by the Jaguars, signed by the Packers, made the active roster for one of the most receiver-laden teams in the league), Jarrett Boykin also has just enormously giant hands. How big? Well, he apparently regularly bursts the seams on his XXXL receivers' gloves. According to his measurements at the NFL Scouting Combine, his hands measure 10 1/4". For the sake of comparison, I'm three inches taller than Boykin, but my hands are 1 1/4" smaller than his. Basically, he's got giant hands, and that's kind of cool.

Terrell Manning is a seriously tough dude. It's hard enough for rookies to make an NFL roster, but try doing it when you're fighting colitis (a gross-sounding inflammation of the large intestine. How wonderful). Terrell Manning did, and he still made the team, despite losing 17 pounds during the course of training camp. He never missed a game or a practice, and when he finally got healthy he showed up in a big way, posting six tackles and a sack in the final preseason game. Oh, and he never mentioned the illness to anyone but the Packers' training staff until after he made the roster.

John Kuhn wears fun hats. Seriously, look at it.

Jon Meerdink