My Life in Tweets - San Franciso: 30 Green Bay: 22

Well, at least we got the talk of the undefeated season out of the way. So there's that.

Other than that, though, the cupboard was pretty bare in Green Bay this week. Between the drops and the penalties and the general lackluster performance, there wasn't much to get excited about, although, the game ended 20 minutes ago as I write this and I'm still waiting for my blood pressure to come down. (That said, I'm sure it's still considerably lower than that of Jim Harbaugh. Dude needs a chill pill or twelve.)

Anyhow, as this blog is growing and coming into its own, I haven't yet figured out the best way to do pre- and post-game writing. I'd like to do some sort of unique look at the game, but I have yet to discover what that might be. Instead, I'm going to give you a selection of the tweets I tweeted during the game, along with a few other thoughts. Deal?

This came after the Packers' third defensive play, when Clay Matthews sacked Alex Smith. Clearly my "way too early" hashtag was appropriate.

For the record, I'm not a Troy Aikman fan. Moving on.

A few calls didn't go Jimbo's way early on, and he looked like he might blow every ounce of blood in his body out his ears at any given moment. It was rather frightening.

It seemed like the game started to turn when the 49ers remembered that Jarrett Bush is on the Packers. Almost immediately after they remembered this, he committed a penalty.

Shortly after Bush started doing things, Jermichael Finley started dropping passes. Some things never change.

Randall Cobb made it his mission to yank the Packers back into the game, regardless of the legality of the play. Nevertheless, it was a sweet return.

After the Packers rallied to within a score, then turned it over deep in their own territory, Morgan Burnett practically escorted Frank Gore into the end zone with an oh-so-sloppy tackle. Use those big floppy things hanging off your shoulders, dude!

When the game went final, my Facebook news feed lit up with Viking fans trolling for Packer fans feeling down in the dumps. This was my passive aggressive response.

So that's what I was thinking during the game. After the game, here are a few thoughts, based on a typical post-game post from my favorite Bucks blog,

Three Packers

Randall Cobb - Randy was one of the few Packers who showed up in any meaningful statistical way, snagging nine passes for 77 yards and returning a punt for 75 yards and a score. He also lined up all over the place, including in the backfield alongside Aaron Rodgers. Even though today was a loss, it was interesting to get a glimpse of how the Packers might use the second year receiver.

James Jones - Jones catches a lot of flack for his drops, but he was the most productive offensive player today not named Cobb or Rodgers.

Clay Matthews - Remember how Clay only had six sacks last year? I think there's a good chance he'll surpass that this season. 2.5 sacks is a pretty good start playing against a pretty good tackle in Joe Staley.

Three Numbers

- Sacks by the Packers' defense (2.5 by Matthews, 1.5 by Charles Woodson). Even if the overall defensive effort wasn't great, it was still nice to see a better pass rush, especially since San Francisco doesn't drop back to pass all that often.

10 - Penalties, for 77 total yards. Whether or not they were legitimate is irrelevant. The Packers were undisciplined in many aspects of the game, including those aspects that result in yellow pieces of fabric ending up on the field. If it's replacement officials or regular ones making the calls, 10 penalties is far too many.

186 - Rushing yards by the 49ers gained on an average of 5.8 yards per attempt. You don't need to be a football genius to figure out why this is a bad thing.

Three One Good

Nobody Got Hurt! - Not real bad, at least. We should have a full deck for Thursday's game against Chicago.

Three Bad

Where's the D? - The party line all offseason was that the Packers would be better defensively this year than last year. Well, they did manage to keep San Francisco under 200 yards passing, but the defense was gashed repeatedly for big yards on the ground. This is got to change, and quick-like.

No Takeaways - Last year, the 49ers and the Packers tied for the league lead in creating turnovers. This week they combined for just one, and it wasn't Green Bay that made it happen. An interception or a forced fumble would go a long way towards masking defensive shortcomings.

No Donald - The most publicized Packer receiver went 0-fer in Week 1, which would almost have been amusing had the Packers not lost. Despite an all-Driver all the time offseason, the 37 year old receiver was quiet. In fact, I can hardly remember seeing him on the field. I don't want to draw too many conclusions from just one game, but functionally Donald Driver was the team's number six receiver yesterday, at best.

Up Next - A quick turnaround brings Da Bears to Lambeau Thursday night. I thought this was the bigger game from day one, but an opening week loss makes it that much bigger. Better hope for a better effort Thursday, or 0-2 is going to be a reality.