Who Dressed Best? Week Seven Uniformity

It's a special all-alternate edition of who dressed best! I won't say these were necessarily all of the best looking games this weekend, but when so many of the games feature alternate or throwback looks, I can't let them go un-discussed. First, we travel to Houston... 1. Texans vs. Ravens

The Texans wore their "Battle Red" alternates Sunday (or as everyone else calls it, "red") for their date with Baltimore. I have to admit, as far as alternates go, I really like this one. I don't like when they wear red over red, but red over white with the blue trim looks pretty spiffy. I sometimes wonder how these uniforms would look if they broke out their prototype white helmets. Too much white? Maybe. I think it could be a good look. We'll probably never know.

And just for fun, Owen Daniels appears to have gotten lost in the fog on the way to the field.

Owen daniels can't see.

2. Patriots vs. Jets

There was also plenty of red on the field in Foxboro this weekend as the Patriots busted out their gorgeous throwbacks. I love these uniforms. If they went back to something like this full time, I'd probably still hate the Patriots, but it would be slightly more difficult to do so.

3. Buccaneers vs. Saints

Are the Buccaneers' infamous Creamsicle uniforms good? That's debatable. Are they unique? You bet they are. I really wanted to include a picture of Ronde Barber for this one, since I thought he may have actually worn the Creamsicles as an actual uniform, but it turns out he missed their original run by one year. Rats! I wonder if a player has actually been with a team long enough to wear a uniform as a full-time look and a throwback.

Not So Much: Steelers vs. Bengals

Kudos to the Bengals for remembering that tigers are, in fact, orange and pulling out their alternate uniforms accordingly. But man, are those babies a disaster. Stripes and side panels and shoulder patches going every which way. If I had to guess, I'd say the Bengals are among the teams most likely to get a Nike makeover in the near future.

And while I really like the Steelers uniforms, the yellow of their pants combined with the orange of the Bengals made for a weird, candy corn-type look out on the field, which I guess is somewhat appropriate for Halloween. Still not the best looking game though.

Jon Meerdink