Who Dressed Best? Week Nine Uniformity

If this week in the NFL uniform world was a person, he would be named Blandy McBlanderson. Outside of Washington, there weren't any especially interesting or good looking games this week, at least not in my estimation. There were two alternate uniforms of note, the first in Washington and the second in Jacksonville, but other than that, it was a spectacularly uninteresting week uniform-wise. That said, we still have some pictures to look at! 1. Redskins vs. Panthers

The Panthers apparently bring out the alternate uniforms in everyone, because this is the third time they've played against someone wearing their non-standard outfits. And what bland alternates they were. In the long, rich uniform history of the Washington Redskins, this was the best Nike could dig up? A few thoughts:

First, that helmet is terrific. Regardless of how I feel about the rest of the uniform, a the simulated leatherhead look on the headgear was great. But secondly, that white outline is really obnoxious. I know that's what the original uniform looked like, but it was really distracting. Thirdly, I love tan pants. Fourthly, I couldn't find a good shot, but they somehow made the Redskins logo even more racist for these uniforms. Yeesh. Final thought: how fun would these be? The ones on the right with no giant logo are definitely doable.

Bonus pic for alternate uniforms!

2. Steelers vs. Giants

Nothing super interesting here. Just two quality franchises looking good on the football field.

3. Packers vs. Cardinals

I believe I'm on record as saying I don't like the Cardinals' uniforms (if not, I'm saying it now: Arizona has awful uniforms), but the contrast between green and yellow and red and white on a nice fall day in Wisconsin just looks pretty. Don't you agree?

Not So Much: Jaguars vs. Lions

The Battle of the Big Cats (or something) was pretty bland. I admit, I'm a little conflicted on this one. On the one hand, I think teams that wear color-over-color almost always look like DIII wannabe programs, but on the other, I rather like this look. On a third hand (because I'm a three handed mutant), I'm not so sure that black over teal wouldn't look terrible. On a fourth hand (I borrowed one), I just want to reiterate that the Jaguars are the blandest looking team in the NFL. Nike, do what you must.