Three Awesome Things - Vol. 3

Bye weeks are a time for a little frivolous behavior, so why don't we take another journey down the trail of awesomeness? I think it's a good plan, don't you? 1. It's a crock! (No really, it is.)

If you're looking for something for that special someone this Christmas, how about Packer Crock Pot, because why not? If you're cooking up a delicious stew or pot roast, you might as well do it while supporting your favorite team.

2. Clay Art

This piece featuring the three Clay Matthewses was produced by artist Gyula Németh, whose work includes a brilliant series on NFL players as well as some awesome logo design and sports branding. Currently, Németh is illustrating a series of 365 famous villains (one per day) on Tumblr, and it's definitely worth checking out.

3. Packin' All Night Long

Green Bay Press Gazette photographer Evan Siegle shot this guy in the Lambeau Field parking lot before their game with the Jaguars. I'm pretty sure I saw this dude as well. At any rate, KISS + Packers = awesome. It's true.