Who Dressed Best? Week 10 Uniformity

I'm coloring outside the lines a bit this week, admittedly. This weekly entry has become a little bit less about which games look good and more about which ones are notable, regardless of reason. I have at least two entries this week that are here not because they look good, but because they're either weird or really bad, and one of them doesn't even come from the NFL. Let's get to the good ones before we get crazy. 1. Falcons vs. Saints

No complaints here. As arena league-esque as I thought the Falcons' uniforms were originally, they've grown on me a bit. They've stayed away from the black over black look and are settling into their look quite well. I'm a fan. The Saints, for their part, continue to look nice, although I wish they'd wear their gold pants.

2. Chiefs vs. Steelers

You've heard this story before. Two old school looks. Night game. Rain. Good looks all around. Enjoy the picture and move on!

3. Panthers vs. Broncos

So, I turned on the highlights for this game, and I thought I'd gone a little crazy. Nope, turns out Nike decided that if Cam Newton was going to play like he was in college, he should look a college player, because that's what the Panthers looked like on Sunday. Blegh.

Incidentally, the Panthers, Jaguars, Bengals, and Cardinals are on my short list of teams due for a big Nike makeover. I have no hard data to support any of these feelings, just a gut feeling. Perhaps I'll devote more space to this in the future.

Not So Much: The NBA

Given my pink post a couple weeks back, you probably can guess how I feel about "honoring" the veterans by playing stars and stripes dress up for Veterans' Day. No thanks, NBA. There has to be a better way to pay tribute (if it's even necessary at all). On a related note, though, I'd love it if Spencer Hawes wore those sweatbands all the time just because I think it's a good look for him, even if it's not especially supportive of veterans.