Who Dressed Best? Week 12 Uniformity

Before we get to this week's uniforms, a word about our friends at Nike. I have a theory. Since the NFL has very stringent uniform guidelines (even regulating the height of a player's socks, although that rule is rarely enforced), Nike has been more or less unable to go crazy as far as uniform design, at least so far. But what we have seen from Nike is a very subtle application of their stamp on the league through something we've documented here fairly often: color-on-color uniforms.

I've pointed it out so many times I won't go through the trouble of linking to examples, but I think what Nike is try to do is differentiate the Reebok-era uniforms in the NFL from the Nike-era uniforms by creating a slight visual difference on the field. If it looks a little bit different, maybe, just maybe, people will starting thinking the uniforms are somehow new. I don't know if there's really anything to this. It's just a theory. But we definitely have seen more of the color-on-color uniforms this year, and I think Nike is to blame.

Anyway, on to the uniforms.

1. Packers vs. Giants

This was an ugly game, at least as a Packer fan. I'm sure if you're a Giants fan, it was just great. At any rate, regardless of how the game turned out, it looked pretty. So here's a picture. See the picture? Good.

2. Raiders vs. Bengals

I usually don't like the Bengals uniforms, but I totally love the Raiders. When you put the two together, I think it's a great contrast. The difference between the old school simplicity of the black and silver and the orange and black modernity of the Bengals is pretty nifty. What do you think?

3. Steelers vs. Bengals

You might say the Steelers set football back 50 years with their performance Sunday. If that was the case, the fans back a half century ago certainly would have recognized the uniforms. If it wasn't for the destruction of the Steelers sleeve stripes, this would be an almost perfect game.

Not So Much: Jets vs. Patriots

What a drab, disgusting game. But enough about the Jets' performance. Heyooooo! But seriously, this is a bad looking game. Green over green? Yuck. Patriots' uniforms? No thanks. The fine, uniform loving people of America deserved a better looking game for prime time on Thanksgiving.

Jon Meerdink