Who Dressed Best? Week 14 Uniformity

I am saddened today. I looked at the title for this post and realized we only have three weeks of uniformity left this season. Everyone take a moment and agree to try really hard to enjoy our vast and varied landscape of beautiful NFL football uniforms over the last three weeks of the season. Now that I've got you all sad, I have some more sad news: it was a really boring week, uniform-wise, in the NFL. Other than an interesting throwback in Buffalo, there's not much to talk about, so we'll take a brief visit to our friends in the Association of Nationalized Basketball. But first, a pretty game in Lambeau!

1. Packers vs. Lions

This game would have been neat looking even without the snow, but the white stuff puts it over the top. Yeah, I know, it was really more like rain than snow, but it was white and falling from the sky so I'm counting it. Plus, here's a neat gif from SB Nation that makes things look even cooler. Bonus!

lions packers harris

2. Bills vs. Rams

Here's a game that shows the rest of the league how to look both really good and really bad. On the bad side, you've got the Rams, who insist on wearing their blander than bland navy-over-navy getups. That's fine, I guess, but it's a bummer if you're a St. Louis fan. Your team is bad, plus they look like navy blue blobs. That's an unfair double whammy, but I digress.

On the other hand, you have the throwback-clad Bills, and although the throwback isn't all that different from their usuall set, it still looks pretty sharp. It's a little bit more stripey and it has the old standing buffalo logo, both of which are fine by me. Plus, it gets rid of the stupid Nike neckroll, which is a league-wide plague that must be stopped as soon as possible.

bills rams

3. Spurs vs. Rockets

Is Linsanity back?!?! Who knows, although he did drop 38 last night. Whatever the case, Mr. Lin is looking pretty sharp down in Houston, and when he squares off against the Spurs, the black and silver vs. red and white always looks pretty good. Plus, the Rockets have a pretty cool memorial band thing going on, in honor of coach Kevin McHale's daughter.

jeremy lin

Not So Much: Cowboys vs. Bengals

Okay, I know tigers are orange, but I just can't get myself to like the Bengals' orange alternates. Just look at that picture! Stripes everywhere. Chest patches (at least two of them they can't help, but still). Contrasting side panels (WHITE?! Are you kidding me?!). Weird pants stripes. There's just so much going on, and so little of it good. When you throw in the weird blue/green Cowboys pants, well, it's just an eyesore.

Andrew Hawkins, Anthony Spencer

Jon Meerdink