Who Dressed Best? Week 15 Uniformity

Before I bestow this week's uniformity upon your waiting eyes, a programming note. The general post structure here at The Packer Perspective has been thus: game reviews Monday, uniformity Tuesday, random stuff Wednesday, and previews on Friday. Going forward, I'll be posting my more random columns on Thursday rather than Wednesday in order to space things out over the week a little more and to give myself a break on Tuesdays, which tend to be very busy days for me. Sound good? Good.

This was a good week for uniforms, which is awesome because we're getting right down to the end of the season, which means that we'll have fewer games from which to choose. We saw one good alternate, one bad alternate, and one game that reminded me of Halloween candy. Let's do this!

1. Packers vs. Bears

You knew this game would be here. It has all the hallmarks of my favorite looking games. Throwback/alternate? Check. Historically significant uniforms? Check. Clean, classic lines on both sides? Check. Throw in an old school sloppy field and you've got yourself a good looking ballgame.

CT ct-spt-bears-packers-nfl-Strazzante008.JPG

2. Raiders vs. Chiefs

Not much to see or say here. I'm just a big fan of how the Raiders look and the contrast between their wonderfully plain look and the bright red and yellow of the Chiefs.

Darren McFadden, Ropati Pitoitua

3. Browns vs. Redskins

Yellow pants, orange helmets, and brown jerseys make me think of candy corn. Mmmm, waxy sugar.

redskins brown


Not So Much: Seahawks vs. Bills

This game has nothing to do with how the Bills look, I want to be clear about that right off the bat. My complaints here have only to do with how the Seahawks appear to have washed their white road uniforms with their blue home jerseys by accident, creating the gray mess they wore Sunday. Yes, I know, Seattle is a gray, dreary place. That doesn't mean you have to have a gray, dreary football team.

seahawks bills 2And don't even get me started on the Nike-induced belly sweat stains. Blegh.

seahawks bills