Who Dressed Best? Week 17 Uniformity

And just like that, the 2012 regular season is at an end, and with it, our weekly uniform review. Sad day. But no worries! Uniformity will return in some way, shape, or form in 2013, and we've still got a week to review before we bid adieu to all the colors and pageantry of 2012. Let's do it!

1. Redskins vs. Cowboys

I am ever so glad the Redskins appear to have mothballed their white pants, because the yellow looks so much better. Other than green and yellow (obviously), Washington's burgundy over yellow look might be my favorite in the NFL. It's certainly up there. Plus, Alfred Morris wears number 46 pretty well, although he tends to always make me think of Ladell Betts.

cowboys redskins

2. Jets vs. Bills

If you evaluated the Jets and Bills solely on their uniforms, you'd think they were pretty good teams. Unfortunately for fans of New York football, that's not the case, but we're not here to judge the actual football on the field! All we're concerned about today is uniforms, and both New York and Buffalo looked sharp Sunday. I suspect there should have been at least one facemask violation on this play, though.

bills jets

3. Steelers vs. Browns

I've said it throughout the year, but I'll say it again here: Cleveland has a very underrated set of uniforms. There have been rumblings of new uniforms in the works with a new ownership group taking over, but I certainly hope not. Orange and brown is a very unique (and admittedly unusual) look, but Cleveland makes it work.

browns steelers

Not So Much: Jaguars vs. Titans

The Jaguars used to have such a vibrant, unique uniform. Now they look like a generic opposing team in a football movie. The Titans, although certainly not bad, might be due for an update. I've never been a big fan of color over color, and the "Titan Blue" over navy look doesn't do it for me. Pass.

titans jaguars

Jon Meerdink