Draft Digest Bonus!

I recently became aware that I've excluded a fairly major player from the mock draft digests: Ourlads.com. This inconspicuously named site is actually run by a former NFL scout, so it's probably worth checking out if you're into more serious analysis. Here are their most recent predictions as to who the Packers will draft: April 15, 2013

  • Desmond Trufant - CB - Washington
  • Analysis: Four year starter. Comes from a long line of defensive backs. A good athlete who was regularly matched up on the opponent's best receiver. Good football instincts. Takes a direct line to the ball with no false steps. Good short area quickness. Quick footed and aggressive. Can play press.

April 7, 2013

  • Eric Reid - FS - LSU

Undated Predictions

  • Eric Reid - FS - LSU
  • Barrett Jones - OT - Alabama


Jon Meerdink