So, About B.J. Coleman

Can Coleman make the jump from practice squad to active roster? Let's all take a moment and remember that B.J. Coleman is a genuine, bona fide member of the Packers' 2012 draft class. Given the lack of impact he had on the 2012 season, it might be easy to forget. But I assure you, they did, in fact, draft B.J. Coleman. He probably has the certificate of achievement to prove it and everything. (That's what they give draft picks, right?)

But what was it, exactly that they were drafting? Why would they have wanted him? Here's a sampling of scouting reports.


  • Has a strong arm with the ability to easily make all the throws. (
  • Very coachable and is a quick learner, working hard to improve and hone his craft. (
  • Coleman has a quick set-up and plays with a good sense of urgency. (
  • Dissects defenses before the snap and knows where to go with the ball. (
  • Good arm strength to make velocity throws with timing and accuracy and has touch to drop it in the bucket. (


  • Shows improved accuracy, but his ball location is still streaky and needs improvement. (
  • Almost too thick and appears a bit mechanical in some of his movements, including his throwing motion. (
  • Coleman has struggled with his route progression and locating second receivers. (
  • He has good pocket awareness but can be rattled by pressure. (
  • Forces some throws and needs to learn to add or subtract from his fastball. (
  • Overly intense and known to wear out teammates with demands. (


  • Given name is Byron.

So in summary, he's a big, strong-armed kid with streaky accuracy, which is basically the prototype description for a big-time recruit who transferred to a smaller school.

What does it mean for the Packers? Well, it could mean two things. First, it could mean that they're looking for a guy who can make up for Graham Harrell's deficiencies. (Namely, that while he's small and has a weak arm, Coleman is big and has a strong arm). It could also mean that they're hoping for someone to really push Harrell this year, and either supplant him for the number two job, or prove to be good enough to justify carrying three quarterbacks on the 53 man roster.

What determines Coleman's future is how big of a jump he made from last year to this year. He spent all of last season on the practice squad absorbing the offense, and how well he's able to move from classroom to school could very well determine his NFL future.


Here's a couple videos that will hopefully lend a little background to the written scouting reports.

Jon Meerdink