DuJuan Harris Doesn't Want Your Pity

harris Even as far as feel good stories go, DuJuan Harris has been through a lot.

He went undrafted out of Troy, got cut by the Steelers, couldn't crack the lineup in Jacksonville, and suffered the ultimate indignity of getting cut by the Jaguars. Seriously, the Jaguars didn't want him around.

After a couple months out of football, he caught on in Green Bay, sat on the practice squad, waited for his chance, then finally got it, only it was too late in the season to answer any real questions about his long-term ability to succeed in the NFL.

In the offseason, he watched as the Packers drafted not one but two running backs, had to have surgery to take a cyst off his lung, hurt his knee, watched from the sideline as Eddie Lacy ascended to the top of the depth chart, then hurt his knee again in his first game back.

Now, he's done for the season. But save your pity. DuJuan Harris doesn't need it.

In a soul-baring interview with Paul Imig of Fox Sports Wisconsin, Harris characterizes his injury as merely an inconvenience.

"As long as my leg is still on me and attached to me, he says, "I'm going to keep playing. I'm good."

Imig goes on to note that after dealing with the news of his season being over, Harris was back to work already, lifting weights, presumably to get ready for next season.

The clock is against against Harris. By the time next season rolls around, he'll be nearly 26 and essentially an NFL newbie. He's never played a full season, and if Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin develop into anything resembling the players they're supposed to be, he'll be no better than third on the depth chart.

But given how much he's already been through, it's hard to bet against him. So love him, pray for him, support him, follow him on Twitter and Instagram, just don't pity him.

And above all, don't doubt him, because he's coming back.