Who Dressed Best? Week 1 Uniformity

By popular demand (literally one person requested it...that's good enough for me), we'll once again be taking a look at each week's best looking match-ups. A brief reminder of the criteria: we're looking for games that look good, not just individual teams. The colors and uniforms should be of styles that either complement or contrast nicely, either solely by color or by virtue of their interesting composition.

As with last year, we'll look at three games that looked great and one game that looked not so great. New for this year, I'll be ranking the games that looked good by order in which they appealed to me.

With that said, let's take a look at what Week 1 brought us!

1. 49ers vs. Packers

Yeah, I'm biased, but this is a good looking game. My theory with uniforms is that you should always know exactly who's playing just by glancing at the TV screen, and that's definitely the case here. Both teams have very strong signature looks, and the contrast between the red and gold of San Francisco and the green and yellow sported by the Packers brings pleasing thoughts of fall and crisp autumn air.

49ers packers


2. Redskins vs. Eagles

In a division stocked from top to bottom with good uniforms, this is my favorite. I enjoy the contrast between Philadelphia's modern design (with the throwback element of the winged helmets) and Washington's classic burgundy over yellow. The Redskins have been one of my favorite looking teams in the league since they went to the yellow pants full time.

Plus, this is just about the only time you'll see two teams with two-stripe pant designs on the field together!

redskins eagles


3. Browns vs. Dolphins

While I was initially underwhelmed by the Dolphins' new uniforms, the look has grown on me, especially the helmet. I like the clean simplicity of the design, although the shoulder and sleeve area is still a bit plain. This week, I like how the design contrasted with the old-school look of the Browns.



Not So Much: Jaguars vs. Chiefs

The Chiefs get dragged under the bus here simply because I wanted to take the earliest opportunity to highlight the awfulness going on in Jacksonville. Seriously guys, what were you thinking? The jersey is a mess, the pants are nondescript, and that helmet is a disaster. I have a feeling they'll be making many appearances in the worst-dressed area of this column.

chiefs jaguars

Jon Meerdink