The Haiku Review - Packers vs. Bengals

Aaron Rodgers has a sad. I've felt for a while that I need to post something Sunday nights right after the game is over, because of timeliness and everything. I wasn't comfortable waiting until Monday morning to post the full game recap, and I didn't want to post the thing Sunday evening either. So in the interest of having something out both Sunday evening and Monday morning, I present The Haiku Review, a poetic recap of each week's game quarter by quarter.

If you want more on haikus, it's basically a three line poem that has five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. That's not exactly how it works in the original Japanese, but for our purposes that's what it'll be. Ready for some haikus? Good.

First Quarter

The offense? Stinky. Jeremy Ross can't catch kicks. This is a bad start.

The Packers couldn't get it going early, falling behind 14-0 after a big drive by the Bengals to start the game and a ridiculously bad play by Jeremy Ross.

Second Quarter

Defense scores points! Wow! Jennings  to the house for six! Bailing Aaron out.

Green Bay's offensive woes continued into the second period, but the defense kinda sorta bailed them out, forcing a couple of turnovers, including a fumble that ended with a sprint to the end zone by M.D. Jennings.

Third Quarter

The Mayor polls well. Johnathan runs for big yards. Fourth rounder's for real.

With James Starks on the sideline, rookie Johnathan Franklin stepped in with a big third quarter. This can't possibly go wrong, right?!

Fourth Quarter

Fumbles, tipped passes, Giving away sixteen points, Gosh, that was ugly.

An inexplicable fumble by Johnathan Franklin (who didn't even appear to be hit as he put the ball on the ground), an ugly interception from Aaron Rodgers, and two deflected passes by the Bengals on the game's final two plays meant an ugly, ugly, ugly end to the Packers' chances in Cincinnati. 1-2 at the bye week, folks.

Oh, and Clay Matthews, James Starks, and Jermichael Finley got hurt. Fan-freaking-tastic.