Who Dressed Best? Week 4 Uniformity

Greetings! I have returned from my bye week refreshed and ready to go. How are you? Good? That's awesome to hear. Let's look at some pictures. This week was an interesting one as far as uniforms go. There was only one game that really jumped out at me as a good looking one, but there were several others that were interesting for various reasons. So, with that in mind, we'll abandon abandon our typical discussion structure and go in more or less random order.

1. Raiders vs. Redskins

As far as classic uniforms go, you really can't get much better than this. Burgundy and gold contrasts so well with black and silver. This, combined with the ever more rare dirt infield at Oakland's stadium, makes this one a visual treat and really the only game that stood out to me purely for how good it looked.

redskins raiders

2. Chargers vs. Cowboys

The Chargers decided to go with white at home, forcing the Cowboys to turn to their rarely used blue tops. Look closely, because it's like seeing a unicorn. A somewhat dated unicorn that would fit better in the 90's, but a unicorn all the same.

A couple thoughts about this one. First, dang that's a lot of navy. Secondly, I'm glad Dallas doesn't wear their blues more often, because the whites definitely look better. Thirdly, white numbers with a white outline is very strange.

cowboys chargers

3. Browns vs. Bengals

One team wearing orange is great. Two teams wearing orange is...a lot. But on the other hand, I can't make myself hate how this game looks for some reason. The oranges are just different enough that they don't look too terrible, and the Bengals' white uniforms are much easier on the eyes than the orange alts they wore last week. This isn't that bad.

browns bengals

4. Broncos vs. Eagles

If you forced me, I might put this in the "not so much" category on a typical week. But either I'm feeling especially benevolent this week or there's something in me that appreciates the uniqueness of the vibrant orange the Broncos wear against the greenish color scheme of the Eagles. Much like the Browns and Bengals, I want to hate it, but I can't.

eagles broncos

Jon Meerdink