Who Dressed Best? Week 5 Uniformity

We've arrived in October, which means we're now in pink season. A quick recap of my thoughts on pink:

  • I'm not anti-breast cancer awareness. It's a good cause.
  • I am very much against the NFL devoting roughly 25% its regular season schedule to any one cause, especially one that clashes with literally ever NFL team's color scheme, except Baltimore kind of (more on that later).
  • Every uniform evaluation from now until November should be considered to contain the caveat "EXCEPT FOR THE PINK" as in "The Packers and Lions looked great this week EXCEPT FOR THE PINK."

Right then. Now, with that said, there does seem to be less pink on the field this year. Last year, it was freaking everywhere. Guys even wore pink socks, which looked every kind of awful. This year, though, the pink scourge seems to be more under control, limited to just gloves, shoes, and a few armbands. If we're going to do the pink, I'd rather do it this way.

There was one odd development, though, as noted by UniWatch: the Baltimore Ravens didn't wear any pink. Like none. Zero. Not even the pink helmet decals. Seriously, go look at the gameday photos. There's no pink to be found.

What's that mean? I don't know. Probably nothing. But it's interesting. Anyhow, on to the uniforms.

Packers vs. Lions

I always enjoy the Packers/Lions game at Lambeau, because I really enjoy the way the Lions' Honolulu blue contrasts with the green and gold. It feels very fall-ish, like leaves turning yellow on a green tree with blue sky in the background. Or something. I rate it seven out of ten cheeseheads.

Photo credit: Tom Lynn, Getty Images

Oh, and for the record, I don't hate the cleats the guys are wearing for the pink charade. I wish they weren't pink, but for pink things they're not too bad looking.


The Rest

Only two other games stuck out to me this week, starting with...

1. Titans vs. Chiefs

I'm not overly impressed with the light blue over navy look for Tennessee, but the Chiefs' red pants bring this up a notch. Not bad.

Photo credit: Wade Payne, AP

2. Cardinals vs. Panthers

Yes, the Cardinals black uniforms are gimmicky, but they're one of the few uniforms that don't look terrible with the pink. And the Panthers' Carolina blue doesn't look terrible paired with pink, either. I think saying "it doesn't look terrible" is the very definition of damning with faint praise, but this is the NFL in October. This is what we get.

Photo credit: Rick Scuteri, AP

Not So Much

Browns vs. Bills

The Bills are excused from this discussion. The Browns, on the other hand, appear to be trying to get noticed. Yes, we know you're miserable in Cleveland, but you don't have to act out just to get people to look at you. Brown is fine in small doses. Brown on top of brown looks like...well, I'm not going to extend that metaphor completely, but a lot of brown collected in one place tends to smell funny, if you know what I mean.

Photo credit: Jason Miller. Getty Images


Jon Meerdink