The Haiku Review - Packers vs. Ravens

JordyThe Packers are limping after a hard fought win, but before we worry about the long term implications of today's game, here's the breakdown, via three line poetry.

1st Quarter

Red zone and third down
Is where the Packers fall short.
Can't settle for three.

As well as Mason Crosby has been kicking, the Packers can't keep coming up short in scoring situations. That said, a 3-0 lead was good enough for much of the game.

2nd Quarter

Packers are all hurt.
Elam should be fined for that.
Farewell, Randall Cobb.

Driving late in the first half, the Packers lost Randall Cobb after a low hit from Matt Elam. I know that's what the league wants, but it was a cowardly, unfundamental hit by Elam. He made it worse by flopping when T.J. Lang got in his face. Let's hope Cobb can come back at some point...and that Elam is forking over part of his paycheck this week.

3rd Quarter

Beautiful touchdown!
Rodgers finally connects!
No toe taps, Jordy.

For once, Jordy Nelson didn't have to make an acrobatic catch. He hauled in a 64-yard pass that was about as beautiful as it could possibly be.

4th Quarter

4th and 21?
Flashbacks to a tragic day.
Packers just hold on.

After the Ravens converted a ridiculous 4th and 21 with a long pass (seriously, Jerron, what were you doing?), Aaron Rodgers ran out the clock with a nice drive. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win. Good enough.

Jon Meerdink