Who Dressed Best? - Week 6 Uniformity

Uniforms! Football players wear them and we talk about them. Let's do that! Packers vs. Ravens

While there's nothing particularly bad about the Ravens' uniforms, the black alternates don't really do it for me. I wish they'd put the purple collar back on. Yes, ravens are black, but football uniforms are not birds. You're allowed to make them look interesting. Overall, kind of a "meh" week for the visual appeal of the Packers game. I rate it three out of ten cheeseheads.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Rest

1. Cowboys vs. Redskins

My favorite semi-annual uniform rivalry! I love it when the Cowboys and Redskins play, because it always looks great. I just hope they can keep the look of the uniforms the same when they change the Redskins name in a couple years.

dal wash Tom Pennington Getty

2. Browns vs. Lions

This is the first of two consecutive weeks when the Browns will take part in a nice looking matchup with an NFC North team. I'm already excited for when they come to Lambeau.

det cle

3. Chiefs vs. Raiders

If the Raiders can't play any good, at least they can help make good looking football games. Yay for tradition!

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Not So Much - Buccaneer socks

None of the games this Sunday looked particularly bad, but the Buccaneers need to be told how to wear their socks. I disagree with Mr. Gaines here, though. I only see three styles (I think he's confusing spatted cleats for a sock style). Still, it's a bit much. Uniforms are supposed to be UNIFORM, guys.