The Haiku Review - Packers vs. Browns

Finley browns Given how often the Packers seem to encounter the Cleveland Browns in the preseason, this almost seemed like it should have been a preseason game. It had all the hallmarks: a generally sloppy performance, lots of reserve players, and a pretty ugly final result. Couple that with a scary injury to Jermichael Finley and you'll definitely need some bad poetry to wash this one out of your mouth.

First Quarter

Jermichael goes beast. Eddie runs with power too. Packers up early.

How cool was Jermichael Finley's manly touchdown? I think he shook off about 19 tackles, give or take. Okay, maybe like four. But still. Eddie Lacy also started off strong, rumbling for big yards on the Packers early drives.

Second Quarter

Lack of chemistry Makes passing complicated. We miss you Randall.

The Packers were efficient enough on offense, but they seemed to leave some points out on the field. The passing offense simply wasn't as sharp as it typically is, and we can probably chalk that up to the two starting receivers standing on the sideline. Aaron Rodgers only ended up with 111 yards passing at the half.

Third Quarter

Yawn-worthy offense Can't make anything happen.. Only fifty yards.

Yep, the Packers only generated fifty yards of offense in the third quarter, but Cleveland was even worse. No, seriously.

Fourth Quarter

Scary Finley hit Overshadows Packers' win. Injuries still mount.

Just as the Packers were driving to put the game away, a scary injury for Jermichael Finley, who'd been having a very good game. The Packers hung on for the win, but seeing one of your guys carted off on a stretcher will put a damper on any victory, to say nothing of the impact this could have on the Packers' already thin receiving corps.