Prime Time Sequel - Week 9 Preview

Rodgers Bears Editor's note: I apologize for an abbreviated preview today and what I'm forecasting to be a lack of posts through the rest of this week. I'm currently preparing to go on a week-long road trip with my family, since my younger brother is graduating from National Guard basic training this week. Thanks in advance for understanding, and I hope I can at least throw something up here at some point. Thanks again!

For the second time in as many weeks, the Packers meet an old rival on prime time television. Personally, I think the Packers/Bears rivalry isn't that exciting. In all honesty, the Bears are just a little too much like us to truly hate them. Think about it: much like the Packers, the Bears play in a historic stadium, have uniforms that basically haven't changed since the 1960's, and can claim one of the true giants of the NFL in their history in the singular figure of George Halas.

The Vikings, on the other hand, have purple uniforms, play in an awful stadium, and blare that annoying, ridiculous horn any time anything remotely positive happens to them. That's a hateable team.

I prefer to look at the Bears, then, with a dose of healthy respect, which brings us to tonight's game. The Bears, though formidable in their own ways, have been decimated by injury and roster turnover. Brian Urlacher is gone. Jay Cutler is hurt, and so is stalwart linebacker Lance Briggs. Julius Peppers has just one sack in seven games. Long-time standout cornerback Charles Tillman is still his versatile self, but he's been hobbled by a plethora of nagging injuries this year and hasn't completed a game in a couple weeks. The list goes on.

Still, there's the nagging feeling in my mind that the Bears bring something special to the table. Maybe it's just that they're the Bears. Maybe it's Monday night football. Maybe it's that the Packers have been playing well for a few weeks now and seem destined for a letdown. Whatever the case, this game makes me nervous, although not so nervous that I think the Bears can win, because I don't.

Hopefully, the Packers will win the toss, defer (as they always do), stop Chicago quickly, then put some points on the board, erasing my doubts and any hopes of a Josh McCown-led upset.

The Pick - Packers: 30 Bears: 20

The Rest (home team in ALL CAPS) (and even though this came out on a Monday, I made my picks ahead of time. No cheating here. Scouts honor.)

Bengals over DOLPHINS PANTHERS over Falcons COWBOYS over Vikings Saints over JETS Titans over RAMS Chiefs over BILLS Chargers over REDSKINS Eagles over RAIDERS SEAHAWKS over Buccaneers Ravens over BROWNS PATRIOTS over Steelers Colts over TEXANS

Jon Meerdink