The Haiku Review - Packers vs. Giants

The Packers just couldn't get it done in New York. Perhaps some bad poetry will assuage your hurt?

First Quarter

Sigh. Can't move the ball. Eddie can't do it alone. Please, Scott, do something.

The Packers surrendered meekly in the first quarter, mustering just eight yards on six plays as they went three-and-out on their first two drives. Plus, the defense made Eli "Mr. Picks" Manning look like a world beater. So there's that.

Second Quarter

Crosby belts one through. 57 yards! Wowza! Trailing, but still close.

Thanks in part to an Eli Manning interception, the Packers are still in the game at the half. Mason Crosby's impressive boot pulled them within four at the break.

Third Quarter

Fake punt is for naught. Anything is an option. Must score points somehow.

No matter what they try, the Packers simply can't get in the end zone. Fake punts, deep passing, running relentlessly. Nothing gets it done. Fortunately, the Giants are not running away with the game, either.

Fourth Quarter

Jason Pierre-Paul. That's all you can say, really. Hat tip for that play.

The Packers got a couple nice passes from Scott Tolzien, then slammed the ball into the end zone with Eddie Lacy. After forcing a three-and-out, the Packers looked like they might be in business trailing by just seven points...but then Jason Pierre-Paul did...something. It happened so fast you might have missed it, but in that flash of an eye, JPP effectively ended the game.