Packers vs. Cowboys - The Haiku Review

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys - Photos - December 15, 2013 - ESPNFirst Quarter Pass interference Seems like our best play today. Merciful end soon.

The Packers seem all but ready to surrender this season, as their offense seems to be bound and determined to do as little as possible to score points. Other than a big catch and run by James Jones on what could have been a busted play, the Packers' best play on offense was a pass interference call. Their defense was not really any better, but that was to be expected.

Second Quarter

A sack! Mike Daniels! A good play on defense! Wow! Few and far between.

As bad as the offense looked, the defense was equally atrocious. At least they did until Mike Daniels grabbed himself a sack and Jarrett Bush made a nice break-up on the next play. Other than those two small victories, though, the Packers were pretty pathetic defensively in the second quarter.

Third Quarter

Eddie! Jordy! Points! Finally we see offense. Now for some defense?

Big plays helped the Packers uncork two 80-yard touchdown drives to start the second half, and following the second score, the Packers' defense finally stepped up and forced a three and out, giving the Packers good field position to start the fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter

I do not have words. I can't believe what I saw. So

If you didn't see the fourth quarter, you need to go see it. I can't even describe it here. Just...go watch it. Find a way. I can't explain what happened. Football is the best.

Jon Meerdink