Packers vs. Steelers - The Haiku Review

flynn My brain is numb after that. Here be poems.

First Quarter

Steelers do not blink After a Flynnpressive drive. All tied up through one.

The Packers scored. The Steelers answered. Both teams had no trouble moving the ball. A sign of things to come?

Second Quarter

Ed Lacy can fly. No really, I saw him fly. What a running back.

If he hadn't already, Eddie Lacy sealed his place in Packers lore with his cutback, spinning, whirling, barrel-rolling (technically aileron rolling) touchdown run in the second quarterback. I'm glad he's ours.

Third Quarter

Still want Le'veon? His fumble is Eddie's score. Illegal batting.

Sure, they got help from a questionable illegal batting call (which is a thing, apparently). But the PackersĀ did benefit from a bad fumble by Le'veon Bell, whom Steelers coach Mike Tomlin infamously said he prefers to Eddie Lacy. (Which is a totally manufactured controversy, by the way. But who cares.)

Fourth Quarter

Nick, Don, and Matt all flop. This ending is so fitting. Missing little things.

An encroachment penalty by Nick Perry, a false start by Don Barclay, and horrific clock management by Matt Flynn sent the Packers out with a whimper after a furious fourth quarter rally. In a season where the Packers have been eternally derailed by a lot of little things (and some big ones), this seemed a perfect end.

Jon Meerdink