Fantasy Rewind - Championship Week


For most of you, the fantasy season has come to a close. It's now time to pack up the laptops, delete the bookmarks to all your favorite fantasy analysis sites and sit back like a normal person and enjoy the NFL playoffs.

No more need to worry if Le'Veon Bell gets a touchdown, or if the Broncos defense lets up another field goal. Just R-E-L-A-X!

If you're like me, you've managed to maneuver your team to a league title. It's all paid off - the research, the trades, the smack talk - you are the champion! It's my fourth year in this particular league, and I'm now the fourth different winner. Hopefully I can buck that trend in 2015 and hold on to the trophy. I hardly ever win anything...I don't know what to do with myself.

Randall Cobb was a key part of my championship win this past week. His 11 catches for 131 yards got me a solid 13.1 points. Aaron Rodgers' below average fantasy performance (318 yards, TD, FUM for 14.6 pts) for my opponent was also a plus for me. Jordy Nelson (113 yards, TD) and Eddie Lacy (99 yds, TD) also helped their respective owners to Week 16 victories.

The Packers D/ST also may have also been surprise contributors to fantasy victories this past week. By holding Tampa Bay to only three points as well as snagging an interception and tallying seven sacks, the team put up a hefty 16.5 fantasy points.

Around the league, there were unfortunately some more major disappointments for fantasy owners:

Jimmy Clausen (14.1 points) put up more fantasy points than Ben Roethlisberger (12.4), Drew Brees (11.2), Peyton Manning (12.4) and Andrew Luck (0.2). Justin Forsett was nonexistent for owners for the second week in a row with 3.2 fantasy points, while Jamaal Charles only put up 5.7 points of his own. Josh Gordon (4.5), Kelvin Benjamin (4.7), Jeremy Maclin (6.2) and Michael Crabtree (0.5) were all busts for championship week as well. Even tight end studs like Greg Olsen (2.1), Julius Thomas (3.3) and Coby Fleener (3.6) got in on the low-scoring action.

It's late-season performances like these that can kill your chances at a title. Did you own any of these busts from Week 16?

Don't let a failed season sour you forever to the wonderful game of fantasy football. And if you didn't win the title this year, there are still PLENTY of games that you can participate in during the NFL playoffs to keep that fantasy fire alive! Sites like, or all have Playoff Challenge games that let you pick players all the way up to the Super Bowl.

It's been a pleasure writing for you this year on fantasy football. I'm going to go hug my trophy now.