Last Time at 21

barry smith By Jon Meerdink

The Green Bay Packers have a rich and illustrious history, but they've only held the 21st pick in the NFL draft one other time.

In 1973 they used it to select Florida State wide receiver Barry Smith.

Barry Smith proceeded to reward the Packers by snagging 41 catches for 601 yards and four touchdowns. Over three seasons. Then he left for Tampa. Then he left the NFL.

But the numbers don't tell the whole story on Barry Smith. Not by a long shot.

Do you see it? Do you see what's special about him? It's not how smartly he wears his uniform or his beautiful blonde hair.

No, Barry Smith is a mustache pioneer. And no matter how many passes you catch or don't catch, having an awesome mustache will get you somewhere in life.

We can only assume that Smith's brief stay in the NFL was cut short by other, manlier pursuits. Barry Smith no doubt had mountains to climb, bears to wrestle, alligators to skin alive, and wars to settle.

Barry Smith is the kind of guy who doesn't play by the rulesĀ and prefers to let his gun do the talking and his gun only knows one very loud word.

Barry Smith has never has an awkward moment because nobody with a mustache has ever had an awkward moment. Ever.

Barry Smith's mustache had its own contract when Smith played in Green Bay.

Barry Smith was probably just not a very good NFL receiver, in all honesty.

Gary Zilavy