Remember, They're Human


It's hard to remember, sometimes, that the players we watch, root for, complain about, and sometimes even hate are, in fact, human beings.

They're all people. From the start quarterback to the last man on the practice squad, each of them have lived and died for this moment. Each one has put in countless hours of practice, film study, weightlifting, and other training just for the chance to be in an NFL training camp.

Some of them are good guys. Some of them are criminals. Some of them have great stories and deserve every bit of your praise. Some deserve justice that went a different way.

They're all people.

For some, the start of training camp represents the first step towards stardom, a reward for a life of work. This could be that break they've been praying for, a chance to escape an upbringing much harder than most of us will ever understand.

For others, this is their 9 to 5. They're putting in their time, collecting checks, and doing what they need to do to get by.

For others, this is the end of the line. An NFL career is not to be, and this will be the last nail in the coffin of that dream.

They're all people.

They all bleed like each of us. They all hurt, both physically and emotionally. They all have families, friends, and neighbors.

Remember that as the seasons starts. Yes, they're amazingly talented, fabulously wealthy, and sometimes infuriating for any number of reasons. But it's worth remembering that each one is still a human being, and they deserve to be treated like more than objects of our entertainment.