Packers 2016 Recap: OT Kyle Murphy

2016 Stats

  • Active for three games

Expectations going into the season were: Low
Expectations were: Met

Analysis: Murphy achieves success by not failing

The Packers have turned to low round draft picks for help on the offensive line before, but barring something catastrophic, this was not going to be that sort of year.

Kyle Murphy, therefore, had a simple task ahead of him going into training camp: don’t screw it up, and you’ll probably get a roster spot.

Despite losing practice time due to the NFL’s unusual rules on schools with trimesters and battling a concussion, Murphy managed to ride out the ups and downs of training camp and secured himself a roster spot.

Murphy was active for three games this season, but that barely matters for a sixth round pick considered a long shot to make the roster. He has the physical attributes and pedigree to be a successful offensive lineman, and a year of seasoning can only be considered a success.