Packers 2016 Recap: TE Justin Perillo

2016 Stats

  • 4 catches, 35 yards
  • Pro Football Focus: 56.0/100

Expectations coming into the season: Low
Expectations were: Not Met

Analysis: Perillo a victim of injuries elsewhere

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat: Justin Perillo played about as well as you could expect Justin Perillo to play.

Limited athletically, Perillo still found ways to make things happen when he got to the field. He just wasn’t good enough to get to the field very often, and when injuries struck the Packers through the early and middle parts of their 2016 schedule, it was Perillo that found himself on the chopping block.

Perillo should get all the credit in the world for holding off more athletic prospects with higher upsides; he was on the roster long after project players like Brandon Bostick and Kennard Backman made their ways out of the league. The only problem was that he arrived at his ceiling quickly, and the Packers could easily deem him expendable even though he contributed when he got opportunities.