A John Dorsey Reunion in Green Bay?

In a bombshell development, the Kansas City Chiefs have announced they’re parting ways with general manager John Dorsey.

Dorsey rose through the ranks with the Green Bay Packers before taking over the top personnel job with the Chiefs in 2013.

It’s been an unusual few weeks for the Chiefs, who abruptly cut wide receiver Jeremy Maclin on June 13 after signing a five year, $55-million contract in 2015.

Then, just earlier today, the Chiefs announced a contract extension for head coach Andy Reid, only to let go of their general manager hours later. It’s possible that could indicate there were some behind the scenes conflicts between Reid and Dorsey.

What does this mean for the Packers?

Dorsey’s departure from Kansas City could actually have a strange ripple effect in Green Bay. Though there haven’t been any overtures from either side, in January former Packers beat writer Bob McGinn named Dorsey as a possible (even likely) successor to Packers general manager Ted Thompson, whose contract expires after the 2018 draft. 

All things considered, my foggy crystal ball sees John Dorsey returning to Green Bay from Kansas City and becoming the most likely successor to Ted Thompson. 

Of course, this is jumping the gun. Sorry, but the story is just too delicious not to keep analyzing.
Thompson, who turns 64 next week, is under contract through the 2018 draft. If he were to retire at that time, it would be the perfect scenario for a return by Dorsey. 

McGinn was never one to speculate wildly, and it’s worth wondering there’s something to the idea if he’s willing to put stuff like this on paper:

McGinn also notes that Dorsey has significant family ties to the Green Bay area and purchased a home in Door County not long ago. If the general manager job would become available, one would think that Dorsey would at least be interested.

Thompson hasn’t indicated how long he’d like to continue in his current role, but at 64 he’s certainly closer to the end of his tenure than the beginning. It’s certainly possible that Dorsey could join the team as a sort of general manager in waiting if the Packers and Thompson have a succession plan in place.

Young Talent Could Be A Factor

But there’s also the matter of rising personnel stars Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst. Both are considered future NFL general managers and both have recently been considered for open jobs around the league, though they’ve either been passed over or pulled out of the search.

Should Dorsey return, that would seem to indicate both had climbed as far as they could go within the Packers organization. It wouldn’t be surprising to see one or both jump ship at the first opportunity if Dorsey returned.

It’s also possible that either Wolf or Gutekunst or both could be a potential general manager in Kansas City. Though Andy Reid’s new contract likely includes some sort of say over personnel, Kansas City does need someone in the GM chair. It’s not impossible that Wolf or Gutekunst could fill it.