Episode 53 - Decisions, Decisions

This week on Blue 58, the Packers are on their bye week, licking their wounds after two straight losses. Are there any reasons for hope? Will Mike McCarthy take the training wheels off Brett Hundley? And what personnel decisions led to this point? Plus, checking in on the curious case of Damarious Randall.

Here are the headlines we talked about this week:

Week 7 Recap - Packers Can't Capitalize On a Strong Start Against the Saints

Things started about as well as they possibly could have against the Saints on Sunday, but then things all fell apart. What went wrong and how do the Packers make sure it doesn't happen again?

The Packers Defense is Lost Without Morgan Burnett

One reason the Packers have been so disappointing on defense of late is because they're missing their most indispensable defensive player: Morgan Burnett. We take a look at the defense's numbers with and without Burnett on the field and break down the difficult decision ahead for the Packers.

The Power Sweep is a Top 100 NFL Blog

Hey, some good news! Feedspot named The Power Sweep one of the top 100 NFL blogs. Big thanks to all our readers for making this happen.

Main Topic - Decisions, Decisions

The Packers made a lot of key decisions that brought them to this point of the season. We looked at a few of them and talked about how they've played out so far. 

Is Damarious Randall Lucky or Good?

A reader asked us to take a follow up look at the curious case of Damarious Randall after we devoted a lot of time to it a couple weeks ago. Is he lucky or good? You'll have to listen to find out, but here's a quick picture to get you started. It's the exact moment Blake Martinez tipped the ball to Randall against the Vikings, a play we discuss in detail this week.


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