Episode 42 - Here Come the Eagles

Blue 58 goes beyond the headlines to help you become a smarter fan of the Green Bay Packers. Hosted by former WTMJ newscaster Jon Meerdink and his friend Gary Zilavy, Blue 58 brings you a unique, upbeat perspective on your favorite NFL team, as long as that team is the Packers.

This week on Blue 58, Letroy Guion is gone for good, Aaron Rodgers doesn’t start slow, and the Packers are going to be good...but how good? Then we preview this week’s VERY FIRST preseason game.

Here are the headlines we discussed on this week's episode.

DT Letroy Guion Released

Guion has been released after three years with the Packers. How much will this affect the defensive line? (Spoiler alert: not very much. He was not a very good player.)

Don't Worry About Aaron Rodgers Starting Slow

Aaron Rodgers isn't going to play much this preseason, and already worries are mounting about the Packers 'starting slow" this year. Even if they do, it won't be because of Aaron Rodgers.

How Good do the Packers Need to Be?

The Packers obviously want another shot at a Super Bowl, so what's it going to take to get there? We take a look at the data and try to come up with an answer.

Main Topic - Previewing Packers/Eagles

The Packers will be on the field playing an actual (exhibition) football game this week! We examine some of the things we'll be watching heading into this week's first game.

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