Episode 48 - Time for Kevin King and Josh Jones to Step Up

This week on Blue 58, we're putting the Atlanta loss in the review mirror, exploring Randall Cobb's expanded role on offense, and explaining why the Packers need to beat the Bengals for Aaron Rodgers' sake. Then, we dive deep on new opportunities for Kevin King and Josh Jones. On top of that we try to answer the question of who the best rookie defender in Packers history could be.

Here are the headlines we talked about this week.

6 Thoughts on Another Atlanta Loss

In the hours after the Packers' latest loss in Atlanta, Jon tries to make heads or tails of what we saw on the field. Does anything make sense? (Spoiler: yes, but not that much.)

Is Randall Cobb Back?

Did he ever leave? Is his success on offense a mirage or a sign of things to come?

Why Aaron Rodgers Needs to Beat the Bengals

Sure, wins are not a QB stat, but if the Packers win on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers will have been the starting quarterback in a win over every NFL team not named the Packers.

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