Episode 52 - Welcome to the Brett Hundley Show

This week on Blue 58, we’re living in a post-Aaron Rodgers world. How will the Packers handle that? Is a free agent quarterback the answer? Probably not, but we’ll dive in anyway. Then, let’s take a look at the very weird history between the Packers and Saints

Here are the headlines we talked about this week.

Rodgers, Packers Fall in Minnesota

The new Minnesota Vikings' stadium is turning out to be a house of horrors for the Packers.

Let's Talk About Colin Kaepernick, Packers Fans

Is Colin Kaepernick the answer? Probably not, but his name was bound to come up. Here's Gary's take on the free agent quarterback.

Brett Hundley, Sunk Costs, and Quarterback Decisions

The Packers have every reason to stick with Brett Hundley, but there's a case to be made that they should also be willing to pull the plug at some point too. Here's why.

Main Topic - The Weird History of the Packers and Saints

The Packers have only played the Saints 24 times, but there are a lot of connections between these two teams. Explore those questions with us and send in your own suggestions if you know of any more!

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