Episode 61 - Fixing the Packers

The playoffs are out of reach, Aaron Rodgers is done for the year, and the Vikings have locked up the NFC North. Merry Christmas!

Seriously though, how do we fix this?

Here are the headlines we talked about this week on Blue 58.

Rodgers Returns, Packers Fall

Aaron Rodgers' glorious return didn't mean much against the Panthers, as the Packers fell in their last meaningful game until next September.

Aaron Rodgers Moved to Injured Reserve

The glorious return lasted all of one game. Aaron Rodgers has now been moved to injured reserve.

Why the Packers Should Fire Dom Capers

We've done a deep dive on this before, but it's worth bringing up again. It's time for the Packers to move on from Dom Capers.

Main Topic - Fixing the Packers

What will it take for the Packers to make it back to the playoffs? It might be more complicated than you'd think.

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