Episode 10 - What's The Best Soundbite in Packers History?

Jon Meerdink and Gary Zilavy discuss Jordy Nelson’s performance against the Vikings last week and whether the defense truly went against coach Mike Zimmer’s wishes [00:45]. We reflect back on just how dominant Bart Starr was during his legendary career [06:40] and break down the many scenarios on how Green Bay can make the playoffs [10:30]. Is Rodgers’ “run the table” comment the best soundbite in Packers history? [16:46]

Headlines [0:45]

The Vikings Had a Mutiny on Sunday… Maybe?

50 Year Anniversary of the “Prequel” to the Ice Bowl

Starr’s career postseason quarterback rating of 104.8 remains No. 1 all time, according to Pro Football Reference. For comparison’s sake, Aaron Rodgers is No. 5 at 98.2, Joe Montana is No. 6 at 95.6, Tom Brady is No. 15 at 88.0 and Brett Favre is No. 18 at 86.3.

The Packers’ playoff scenarios entering Week 17

Scenario 1
GB beats DET

Scenario 2
GB loses to DET
WAS loses to NYG
TB loses to CAR
Packers get in on STRENGTH OF VICTORY tiebreaker

Scenario 3
GB ties with DET
Packers get in on NFC NORTH CHAMPIONSHIP due to previous win over DET
Detroit also gets in for reasons

Scenario 4
GB beats DET
SEA loses to SF (2-13)
Packers get in as NFC NORTH CHAMPIONSHIP, 3 seed in NFC Playoffs

Main Topic: What's the best soundbite in Packers history? [16:46]


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