Episode 2 - What's Going On With The Wide Receivers?

Could the Packers actually keep seven wide receivers? That's the topic of this week's podcast discussion with Blue 58 host Jon Meerdink. Plus, who's gaining weight, who's losing weight, and could Morgan Burnett actually be a dime linebacker?

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Bob McGinn on inside linebackers

“So what if the Packers have four - count ‘em, four - number first round draft picks at outside linebacker. The success or failure of the linebacking corps this season rests with the inside linebackers, none of whom was selected before the fourth round.”

Morgan Burnett playing dime linebacker

“In training camp’s opening week, Burnett took reps as a nickel linebacker. He lined up beside rookie linebacker Blake Martinez, filling Jake Ryan’s usual spot. There were six defensive backs on the field, two deep safeties behind Burnett, a small but fast personnel group.”

Richard Rodgers lost a bunch of weight

Rodgers played last season at about 275, and complains in the piece that it was difficult at times to run precise routes. He also says that he felt banged up a lot, which would make sense considering how much stress that extra weight puts on your joints. He’s hoping to play this season at about 258.

Datone Jones also lost weight

According to Pete Dougherty, Datone Jones is down to 275 to play linebacker this year. That’s about ten pounds lower than I expected, but should increase his mobility.

Packers doing wacky WR drills

If you’re following our Field Reports (and you should), you’ve probably seen some video of the weird and wild drills that wide receivers coach Luke Getsy has been putting the guys through. They look crazy, but Getsy says it’s really about getting back to basics.

Packers using video cameras instead of lifts at camp

Just a little technical news, but I always think it’s interesting to see how teams adopt new technologies. Maybe drones in the future? Personally, I’d love to see video cameras on helmets, but I doubt that’s coming.

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UK and Irish Packers Podcast

  • The boys from the UK and Irish Packers fan club have put together a terrific podcast, and you should check it out if you can. They recently did a Packers history series, and it was a great listen even if you think you know everything about how the Packers came to be.

McCarthy says he see the Packers keeping “maybe six” wide receivers

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