Episode 30 - No Dumb Questions

Blue 58, powered by WTMJ Mobile, goes beyond the headlines to help you become a smarter fan of the Green Bay Packers. Hosted by former WTMJ newscaster Jon Meerdink and his friend Gary Zilavy, Blue 58 brings you a unique, upbeat perspective on your favorite NFL team, as long as that team is the Packers.

This week on Blue 58, a front office star is staying in Green Bay, the rookies are finally at work, and we’re putting to bed some nagging questions from our time as football fans.

Here's the headlines we covered on this week's episode:

Brian Gutekunst interviewed for the Bills GM job but didn’t get it

Same song, different verse: one of the Packers two big front office stars interviewed with a moribund franchise. The Bills are in rough shape, probably much worse than the 49ers, who also expressed interest in Gutekunst.

Bob McGinn leaving the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

McGinn is leaving the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after more than three decades with the paper. He’s been there so long he actually predates the name “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.” Often controversial but always well researched, he contributed enormous amounts of information to the discussion of the Packers and their players.

Josh Jones is in a Position to Succeed

Last week on the podcast, we talked about our favorite draft picks from this class, and Jon identified Josh Jones. Now, we’ve got new ammo for that discussion. It looks like the Packers are already trying Jones out in a variety of a positions, including inside linebacker.

Things I Don’t Understand About Football and the Packers But Am Too Afraid To Ask

Football is a complicated game. If you didn’t play football growing up, you’re really only going to learn the game by watching the broadcasts. Sometimes, the broadcasts do a good job of explaining what’s going on… but mostly, they’re just reporting what’s happening.

Whether you’ve been a football fan for a few months or a few decades, we all have questions rattling around in our brain. We reached out to a few of Blue 58’s biggest supporters and asked what questions they had about football they’re too afraid to ask.

  1. The Packers run a ‘zone’ blocking scheme on their offensive line. What does that mean?
  2. Why do the Packers love their own draft picks so much?
  3. I’ve heard a lot about “zone” and “man” corners. Besides the scheme difference (covering an area instead of covering a receiver), why are some corners better at one or the other?
  4. What does Mark Murphy actually do?

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