Brett Hundley Leads Chinstrap Changes in Green Bay

There are big changes afoot at quarterback in Green Bay.

As you know from our previous investigations into Green Bay headgear, Packers’ quarterbacks have tended to wear two-point, soft cup chinstraps since Brett Favre adopted the look early in his career.

But no longer, apparently! While Aaron Rodgers has maintained the traditional two-point chinstrap, Brett Hundley, DeShone Kizer, and Tim Boyle have all gone with the four-point attachment chinstraps and padded cups. Behold:


Of the three, Hundley is the only real surprise. Hundley has toyed with the four-point style before, adopting it briefly during the preseason last year before switching back to the two-point look. Maybe this time the change will stick!

Kizer, meanwhile, wore a four-pointer in Cleveland and Boyle did so at both Eastern Kentucky and UConn.

But fear not, chinstrap enthusiasts! The two-point attachment and soft cup is not dead among the more youthful Packers players. JK Scott is happy to continue the tradition.

jk scott packers.jpg

And lest you think the two-point attachment system is the most unique look in Green Bay, we can do even better. Linebacker Ahmad Thomas, who apparently is a big fan of keeping his helmet attached at all times, has opted for not two, not four, but a whopping six attachment points for his chinstrap.

ahmad thomas packers.png