Coming Soon: Advanced Stats From The Power Sweep

We’re periodically frustrated with some of the advanced stats used in the NFL community. It’s not that the stats aren’t good or informative. They are, and the broader understanding of the game as a whole is better for their development.

Our issue isn’t with the stats themselves as the way they’re deployed. Too often, a number will be trotted out as evidence to support a point without context or any explanation as to how it was developed.

This does a disservice to readers and to coverage of the NFL as a whole. Professional football is opaque enough. Plays are called in secret, the sports is rife with jargon, and the basics of the play-to-play development of a single game is enough to make a novice viewer’s head spin. 

Stats of all types, advanced or otherwise, should break through that opacity, not increase it, and we’re attempting to change that at The Power Sweep. 

Though we’re not mathematicians or statisticians, we believe we can develop some metrics that will help our readers (and anyone else who wants to use the stats) broaden their understanding of the game.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be unveiling several semi-advanced stats that should help everyone understand the game a little bit more. We can’t claim exclusive credit for some of these numbers, but we’ve found them useful and we hope you will too.

We believe that football is enjoyed best when it is enjoyed by everyone, and these new stats should help everyone understand their knowledge of the game, whether they’re a seasoned viewer or a first-time football lover.

AnalysisJon Meerdink