Let's Play - Divisional Round Preview


The benefits of a first round bye in the NFL playoffs is coming more and more into question, at least in terms of how much it helps the team taking the bye. No one, however, can debate the benefits for the media.

Every possible storyline has been dissected seventeen different ways, extracting every possible shred of significance from the most minute angle of the game. Whether it's been this blog, somebody else's, Twitter, Facebook, Ello, LiveJournal, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, Telemundo, or the local news, everyone has espoused take or multiple takes on this game. It's everywhere. It's unavoidable.

And it's over.

Today is Friday. Teams are wrapping up their last meaningful reps. Most of the significant film sessions are over. The depth charts are set. The coaches on both sides probably have a pretty good idea who's going to be inactive on Sunday, or they will after All that remains is to pack up the equipment, head to the stadium, and wait for kickoff.

There's nothing more that means to be said. We don't need to resort to augury to divine some kind of meaning from this week's injury report. Wisconsin's most famous calf muscle isn't going to tear any more than it already has, and any other sprains, straits, twists, tears, bumps, bruises, rips, or ruptures aren't going to improve between now and Sunday, except by minor degrees.

All that remains is the game. So let's play. Let's see if Dallas can utilize their monster offensive line. Let's see if Aaron Rodgers can do a passable Tom Brady impersonation. Let's see how Eddie Lacy and DeMarco Murray perform in the cold. Let's see it happen.

Let's play.

The Pick: Packers: 28 Cowboys: 24