Five Ways to Support The Power Sweep

If you’re reading this post right now, you are the reason this site exists.  

Gary and I believe that there are more Packers fans out there who want deeper and better Packers content.

You are one of those people, which is why you’re reading The Power Sweep (and hopefully listening to Blue 58, too).

You’ve probably noticed that there are no ads on our site, and that’s by design. They screw up the reading experience and actually make the site work worse.

Unfortunately, the site and podcast aren’t free to create and run. Hosting The Power Sweep and producing Blue 58 are a significant expense, but you can help us out.

You're under no obligation to do so, but if you're interested, here are five ways to support The Power Sweep.

Spread the word

It would help us in a massive way to tell your friends about us and share our articles and podcasts on social media. Most of our traffic already comes from our readers sharing articles, and if you’re loving what you’re reading and hearing, keep it up! Chances are, someone else would like it too!

Subscribe to our emails

We know how overloaded everyone’s inbox is, so we treat our email list like gold. We send a weekly email newsletter, which includes the latest podcast and the best posts from our site. It’s easier than having to remember to come back to the site again and again, and it might help you stay on top of something you would have otherwise missed!

Buy our ebook

We published our first ebook earlier this year, and if you love behind the scenes nuggets about your favorite team, we think you'll enjoy this. As it turns out, Aaron Rodgers was far from the first quarterback to get a chance at being the heir to Brett Favre's throne. Give it a look on Amazon today. (You can even get it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.)

Check out our campaign on  

Patreon allows you to give to people who are creating things that you find valuable, and we’re hoping that you find the things we produce to be of value to you. We’re not asking for a big amount; think of it as leaving some change in a tip jar.

Take a look at our shirts on Spreadshirt 

We’ve put together some products for the first time ever, and we’ll be adding more soon. Consider supporting The Power Sweep and looking great at the same time!

What your support means

We have a lot more great stuff coming from The Power Sweep and Blue 58 as we get ever closer to the draft and beyond, and we’re hoping you’ll continue to read and listen. It means a lot to us, and your support allows us to keep producing great content without worrying about whether we’ll be able to keep the site alive.

Thanks in advance for your support. It means a lot to us!


AnalysisJon Meerdink