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Craig Nall is doing well for himself post-football. Are any other Packers succeeding after their careers come to an end?
Craig Nall is doing well for himself post-football. Are any other Packers succeeding after their careers come to an end?

Final cuts are in. The roster is set. Practice squad players have been signed.

But what about the guys who aren't on anybody's roster? Some of them will hook up with other teams, some may sign with the new FXFL, some may head to Canada or the Arena League, but others won't find anywhere else to go.

So what do you do when NFL teams stop calling? Set up a LinkedIn profile of course. Here are a few Packers who've turned to the professional social network to further their post-football lives.

Craig Nall

Then: Quarterback from 2002-2005, 2007
Now: Quarterback Instructor
Breakdown: Nall's done pretty well for himself after football. He's working as a consultant for a QB training academy that he founded, and on the side he's working as a co-producer on the movie Full Contact.

Travis Jervey

Then: Running back and special teamer from 1995 to 1998
Now: Marketing manager for Christina Jervey Handcrafted Jewelry
Breakdown: Known for his hustle and great speed, Jervey is probably a natural fit in the marketing world. He must be doing okay, too, because the jewelry looks pretty nice (to a guy who knows nothing at all about jewelry).

Chris Jacke

Then: Kicker from 1989 to 1996
Now: Founder of Player Alumni Resources LLC
Breakdown: Jacke's company says it's working to keep the legacy of the Green Bay Packers alive, and it must be working because I feel pretty good about the Packers today. Good job, Chris! No, but seriously, he works to connect former Packers players to people who'd like them to come to their events and stuff. Still cool.

Don Majkowski

Then: Quarterback from 10987 to 1992
Now: Homebuyer for Hotlanta Homebuyer Investments, Inc.
Breakdown: Real estate probably isn't too bad of a gig if you're a former athlete with some cash, connections, and some free time, all of which are pretty readily available when you're a retired NFL quarterback.

B.J. Coleman

Then: Quarterback in 2012
Now: VP of Sales at Lipsey Logistics
Breakdown: Barely out of football a year and he's already a VP of sales at a company that supplies bottled water in emergency situations. Good work, B.J.!

Najeh Davenport

Then: Running back from 2002-2005
Now: Director/Producer/Screenwriter at Skyy Productions
Breakdown: Davenport just premiered his first movie as the muscle behind Skyy Productions, a documentary called "The U Reloaded" which, according to its website, "chronicles the passing of the torch from the Dennis Erickson championship filled regime plagued with NCAA allegations, violations and sanctions to the Butch Davis rebuilding era." Judging by the trailer, it mostly consisted of University of Miami highlights and sticking a camera in peoples' faces and yelling "what's going on?"

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila

Then: defensive end from 2000-2008
Now: Wealth Advisor at Ventura, LLC
Breakdown: The Packers' all-time leading sackmaster now helps people manage their money for a company in Green Bay.

Andrew Datko

Then: Offensive lineman in 2012
Now: Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Breakdown: Datko's career never really got rolling in Green Bay. Injuries kept him caught up in the roster churn at the bottom of the 53 man roster and practice squad. Now that he's out of the game for good, he works for a solid Wisconsin company in Northwestern Mutual.

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