Here Are Some Packers Nicknames

We came up with some nicknames for each player.

For True Packers Fans

These nicknames have to deal with the players’ performance on or off the field. If you understand these references, you’ve been following the Packers with a keen eye.

  • Davante “OTA” Adams
  • Carl “Opposite Day” Bradford
  • Letroy “Legal System” Guion
  • Tim “Ginger Wolverine” Masthay
  • Aaron “Godgers” Rodgers
  • Brett “Brent” Hundley
  • Josh “Left Side” Sitton
  • T.J. “Right Side” Lang
  • Ed “West” Williams
  • Clay “Claymaker” Matthews
  • Marquise “Tebow” Williams
  • Mitchell “Hilltopper” Henry

What He Looks Like

Don’t overthink it! Sometimes, the best nickname is one that describes the player based on his appearance.

  • Trevor “High Top” Davis
  • Julius “Old Man” Peppers
  • Justin “Fat Number 80” Perillo

Word Play

Not quite rhyming, these nicknames spring from the inherent puns within each of these players’ names.

  • Bryan “Beluga” Bulaga
  • Brandon “Turk” Burks
  • “Passing” Lane Taylor
  • Morgan “The Morganism” Burnett
  • Casey “Ears” Pierce
  • Kyle “The Stork” Stueck
  • Beniquez “Bob” Brown
  • Kennard “Canard” Backman
  • Makinton “Big Mak” Dorleant
  • Richard “Big Rich” Rodgers
  • Mike “T Kicks” Pennel
  • “Mic’ed Up” Mike Daniels
  • David “The Camel” Bakhtiari
  • Roberton “First Name Last Name” Daniel
  • Jermaine “Clearasil” Whitehead
  • Jayrone “Jay-E” Elliot
  • Derrick “No Tea” Mathews

Pop Culture

We draw on our favorite television shows, movies, musicians and celebrities to give these players a creative nickname. Sometimes, that depends on a generous interpretation of the word “creative.” Don’t judge.

  • John “Davy” Crockett
  • Jake “Sixteen Candles” Ryan
  • Kenny “The Kid” Clark
  • Harvey “The Toolman” Binford
  • Josh “The Ranger” Walker
  • Demetris “Two-Face” Anderson
  • Josh “Protagonist” Hawkins
  • Joe “Brake Pads” Callahan
  • Dean “Laying Down The” Lowry
  • Blake “Ball Cop” Martinez
  • Lucas “No, This Is” Patrick
  • Kyle “The Law” Murphy
  • Jeff “Joplin” Janis
  • Brian Price “Is Right”
  • Ty “Full” Montgomery
  • HaHa “The Nickname” Clinton-Dix
  • Eddie “B Button” Lacy
  • Mason “The Penguin” Crosby
  • James “Hal” Starks
  • Datone “Grimace” Jones
  • Sam “Forcefield” Shields
  • “Sleepy” Geronimo Allison
  • Peter “Kombat” Mortell
  • Chris “Bluegrass” Banjo
  • Micah “Mister” Hyde
  • Kyler “Van Gogh” Fackrell
  • Rick “What Is” Lovato
  • Aaron “Let It” Ripkowski
  • Herb “Bridge Over Troubled” Waters
  • Quinten “Adele” Rollins
  • Christian “The Drummer” Ringo
  • JC “Andy Bernard” Tretter

For Wisconsin Eyes Only

If you call America’s Dairyland home, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize these nicknames.

  • Jared “Wautoma’s Best” Abbrederis
  • Joe “Not the Badger” Thomas
  • “Farmer” Jordy Nelson
  • Matt “Chris” Rotheram

Rhyme Time

These nicknames rhyme. They’re rhyming nicknames.

  • Tyler “Computer” Kuder
  • Lerentee “Cray” McCray
  • Nick Perry, “Pick Nerry”
  • Jason “Biggs” Spriggs


If playing in the NFL doesn’t work out, these players have a leg up on their competition.

  • Don “The Banker” Barclay
  • Warren “Buffett” Gatewood
  • “Senator” Sam Barrington
  • Jacob “The Florist” Flores
  • Kentrell “Tech Support” Brice
  • LaDarius “The Gunner” Gunter
  • Jared “The Chef” Cook
  • Josh “Generic” James
  • Randall “Salad” Cobb
  • Alstevis “Club” Squirewell

I Don’t Know Ask Jon

These nicknames are for me only. Scram! Go on, git!

  • Marin “Who” Evans
  • Randall “The Other One” Jette
  • Jamel “Ten Spot” Johnson
  • Corey “Lohan” Linsley
  • Damarious “Ice Cream” Randall
  • Brandon “The Dells” Ross

Think of a better nickname? Have a favorite? Confused because you don’t understand them? Let us know in the comments.

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