How a Cowboys Player Once Wore Brett Favre's Helmet During a Game

Brett Favre is many things. He’s a uniform trend-setter, he’s a legendary Hall of Fame quarterback, and he’s also great at sharing.

According to the Cowboys’ blog 5 Points Blue, Dallas fullback Daryl Johnston wore Brett Favre’s Packers helmet during the 1994 Pro Bowl.

The Cowboys were riding high off of a 30-13 win over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII. Back then, the Pro Bowl was played the week after the Super Bowl and featured players from last week’s big game.

The story goes, according to Johnston, that the Cowboys’ helmets were stolen once they had arrived in Hawaii from Atlanta, where the Super Bowl was held in 1994.

Can't play without a helmet

The show must go on, and the Cowboys turned to players with similar sized noggins for replacement helmets.

Much like other sports leagues’ all star games, the NFL wears special jerseys for the Pro Bowl and the players continue to wear the helmets they’ve worn throughout the season to represent their teams.

"Of all the stuff they could have stolen, they took only the Cowboys helmets,” Dallas wide receiver Michael Irvin said. “I’m like, why didn’t they take Reggie White’s (Packers Hall of Fame defensive lineman) or something like that?”

Johnston borrowed Brett Favre’s helmet, and played as a de-facto member of the Packers. It was a jarring site for Green Bay fans seeing one of their rivals wearing their colors.

Lending a helmet to a rival who just beat you in the playoffs

The 1993 season was the first time Green Bay had made the playoffs under coach Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre. The Packers needed a last-second touchdown from Favre to Sterling Sharpe to defeat division rival Detroit a week before, and lost convincingly to the defending Super Bowl champion Cowboys.

Favre, ever the professional, allowed Johnston to borrow his helmet.

When trying to research the game's final score, Google warned me: "Are you sure you care about the Pro Bowl? Specifically, a Pro Bowl that happened more than 20 years ago?"

I clicked yes, and discovered that the NFC defeated the AFC 17-3.