Introducing New Apparel From The Power Sweep

If you’re like either of us, you’ve procrastinated on shopping for Christmas. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a two-pack of fresh t-shirts available from our Teespring store.

Even better, orders placed can still be printed and shipped to your doorstep before Christmas!

We partnered with Teespring because their shirts not only look good, but feel good. We both have purchased The Power Sweep gear from Teespring (#treatyourself), and it’s the most comfortable piece of clothing either of us own.

Introducing ‘The Quarterback’


Our latest design, The Quarterback, features everything you love about Wisconsin rolled up in one beautiful design: us, and that guy who throws perfect passes.

This shirt will look so good when you wear it you’ll probably want to throw up a fist pump, just like Aaron Rodgers. And you know what? You should.

You can order The Quarterback in either a men’s or women’s cut shirt, as well as a comfortable hooded sweatshirt to keep you warm throughout the playoff run.

Introducing ‘The Championships’


Last month, we introduced The Championships. We know, the Packers have 13 NFL Championships (and counting!), but the hardest ones to remember are the ones with Roman numerals attached.

Fortunately, we’ve solved that problem with this handy design. The next time someone asks you what Super Bowls the Packers have won, just point to your shirt! Don’t worry, we’ll update the design should the need arise.

You can order The Championships in either a men’s or women’s cut shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, as well as a comfortable hooded sweatshirt that will keep you warm until we need to update this shirt design.

Want 25% off? We thought so.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention an easy way to get 25% off every time you order something from The Power Sweep via Teespring. Just donate any amount to our Patreon campaign and you’ll get a discount for life. Seriously! It’s that easy.