Jamaal Williams Had a Historically Good Day on Sunday

Jamaal Williams had a great day on Sunday, but you may not have realized exactly how great.

He is just the second Packers rookie since 1950 to have at least 60 yards rushing, 60 yards receiving, and a receiving and rushing touchdown in the same game.

In fact only five players in Packers history have done it at all. Williams now one of those five, along with Paul Hornung, Travis Williams, Dorsey Levens and Ahman Green.

The only other rookie to do it was Williams all the way back in 1967 he had ten carries for 73 yards and a touchdown as well as 66 receiving yards and a touchdown.

And here's the kicker: he did it against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This post is an adapted transcription from the most recent episode of Blue 58, a Packers podcast from The Power Sweep. Listen to the full episode below.